Hello I'm Gaea! I'm a French*Taiwanese
graphic designer & illustrator. I grew up in South-East Asia, between Bangkok and Taipei which probably explains
why I'm happy in Summer but grumpy in Winter! 
After graduating from a Masters Degree (ECV) in Nantes,
I moved to Amsterdam where I am now currently living my best life cycling, drawing and eating bitterballen.


→ I like to think that I have a scissors collection but truth be told, I only have 3 and they are not even that nice. 

→ I am what we call a 'Highly Sensitive Person' which is a personality trait that around 20% of the population has.
It means that I am quickly overwhelmed by outside stimuli such as loud noise and bright lights, but it also makes me empathic and appreciative of small things. It's my secret superpower!

→ I don't understand people that keep their shoes on when they're indoors.
My half-asian feet always prefer being bare. Even in Winter.
→ I like organizing things into lists, boxes and drawers. It's my kind of meditation!

→ I tap danced during my middle/high school years, but I'm sorry I won't show you any videos even if you ask politely.



→ What are your favorite art supplies?
Hands down gouache and colour pencils, but I love experimenting with various tools such as linocut, oil pastels, clay and digital art (Procreate on iPad)

→ Is your packaging sustainable?
Of course! Being eco-conscious is very important for me (bonus fun fact: I'm named after the goddess of Earth from the Greek mythology so it's basically my part-time job to protect my beautiful planet), so I try my best to reduce waste in my small business:
— Mailers are recycled/recyclable, and I use pre-used cardboard (such as shipping boxes) to protect your order. 

— Originals/prints are protected with
a recyclable and biodegradable glassine paper sleeve. 

— Stickers, thank you cards, enveloppes and (riso) prints are all made or ordered locally (NL)
— I prioritize the riso printing technique because it uses low energy and soy inks. 

→ Where can I find your work

outside of the internet?

Right now I have some riso prints available at the adorable Pansy, but I'm working hard on creating more products (bigger prints, postcards and stationery items). I hope they will soon be sold in the beautiful shops of Amsterdam and around the world!
When the sanitary crisis will (finally) allow it again, I'd love to get back to selling my creations on creator's markets as well. Follow me on instagram to get all the latest news :) 

→ Who is behind all the pictures on this website?

It's obviously the one and only Roger van Baren, photographer, videographer and also my friend.

If you have any questions about
me or my work, please send an email
to ga.poggetti@gmail.com :) 
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