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✷ Hello, I'm Gaea! ✷

I'm a French*Taiwanese designer and one-woman business owner of gapogg
I grew up in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok (Thailand) but I'm currently living in the moody city of Amsterdam (Netherlands). I founded gapogg in 2019 in the hopes of bringing colour and joy to your every day life, both through design & stationery.

When I'm not sitting behind my computer, drawing or painting, you can find me doing puzzles, listening to podcasts, watching Survivor or going to ABBA-themed spin classes. I also like to make cute beaded bracelets and take care of my plants. I'm also trying to be better at journaling everyday and I'd love to make yearly photo albums to flip back on easily.

Sometimes I work in warm cafés (favorite order: oat milk cappuccino, yum!) but most of the times I'm sharing a home studio with my lovely boyfriend.


✷ random facts about me ✷


I am what we call a 'Highly Sensitive Person' which is a personality trait that around 20% of the population has. It means that I am quickly over-whelmed by outside stimuli such as loud noise and bright lights, but it also makes me extra empathic and appreciative of small things. It's my secret superpower!


 I like to think that I have a scissors collection but truth be told, I only have 3 pairs and they are not even that nice.

So let's say it's a work in progress.


I have very flat feet and recently got some custom soles made for me. Now my knees don't crack anymore, woohoo! #almost30yearsold


I tap danced during my middle/high school years, but I'm sorry I won't show you any videos even if you ask politely hehehe


I like organizing things into lists, boxes and drawers. It's just SO SATISFYING isn't it? 


✷ Illustration Ladies Amsterdam ✷

 IllustrationLadies is a global creative network for professional illustrators.
It creates creative exchange in a profession where it can often be every (wo)man for themselves. We want to encourage networking, get to know each other, draw together and to support one another.

In Amsterdam, I co-host monthly events with Veronica Comin where local female and non-binary illustrators meet around one main theme: sometimes we draw, sometimes we drink and eat snacks, sometimes we create things together.
Have a look below at some of our last events and why not join us for the next one! :) 

✷ Frequently Asked Questions ✷

✷ What does gapogg mean?

It's a contraction of my first name Gaea and my last name Poggetti. When I share my full name, people often get confused about the spelling (I always have to repeat "It's with 2 G's and 2 T's") so I thought gapogg would make it a bit easier as my brand name. What do you think?

✷ I'd love to spice up my brand identity, how much does it cost? 

That's a tricky question because it all depends on what you need exactly — But to make it easier, let's say all branding projects start from 2500€ — Get in touch for more infos. 


✷ Can I find your work outside of the internet?

I sometimes participate in creator's market, so follow me on instagram to get all the behind the scenes and latest news! ☺ 

I'm also looking for cute shops that would like to stock my products. Contact me if you're curious to see my catalogue! 

✷ What are your favorite art supplies?

Hands down gouache and/or colour pencils, but I love experimenting with various tools such as linocut, oil pastels, clay and digital art (Procreate on iPad)

✷ Is your packaging sustainable?

Of course! Being eco-conscious is very important for me (bonus fun fact: I'm named after the goddess of Earth from the Greek mythology so it's basically my part-time job to protect my beautiful planet), so I try my best to reduce waste in my small business:

→ I use recycled cardboard envelops to ship your orders. 

→ Originals/prints are protected with a recyclable and biodegradable glassine paper sleeve. 

→ Stickers, thank you cards, enveloppes and (riso) prints are all made or ordered locally (NL)

→ I prioritize the riso printing technique because it uses low energy and soy inks.

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