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Gapogg is a brand design studio empowering creative solopreneurs to chase their dreams with pride & confidence. We help people help people. 


Using brand design to empower passionate solopreneurs to tell their stories in a way that feels authentic

We empower women, creatives & mental health/wellness experts

to distinguish themselves in their industry and make change. We work with kind humans that wants to change the world. We help people to help people.

highliting creativity, wellness, mental health & education 

Think about illustrators, yoga teachers, storytellers, coaches, artists, nutritionists… These wonderful jobs bring so much value to our world by making real positive change and impact, but they are underrated in our society. 

I'm here to help you help others. 

Good branding can really lift you up. It’s not just about a logo and nice colours, it’s about being professional and believable,

it’s about carrying a story, it’s about translating your ethics into visual choices that feels authentic and make your audience connect with you on an emotional level. 

It's about feeling proud of the work you do.

If this resonates with you, you are at the right place. 

I'd be happy to meet you and talk about your project!


very kind words from past clients :)

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